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Diamond shape according to her personality

Getting married is a big commitment and making the proposal is an important moment. Yet, before that even takes place, you are scouring all jewellery retailers or designing your own ring. Then there is the stress of whether or not she will like her ring. However, there is a simpler way to decipher what ring your beloved will adore (without giving it away). That is to decide based on her personality. It has been discovered that there is a link between the type a cut a woman chooses and her own unique traits.

If any of these ring true of your one and only, you should think of looking into it further. Perhaps nonchalantly let her linger at the jewellery store window and ask what has caught her attention. If any of your friends are engaged or married, gauge what she feels about their styles of rings. The best tip is not to be afraid of choosing the bold choice, as the ring is a symbol of your love as well.
Round Diamond

The Round Diamond

The round cut is a very traditional and timeless shape. It matches any article of clothing and is for the girl who is elegant, classic and conservative.

Princess Diamond
Cushion Diamond
Emerald Diamond
Heart Diamond

The Princess Diamond

The princess cut is a classic shape, yet it still appeals to the modern woman. This is for the girl who is classy and traditional, yet energetic and bubbly.

The Cushion Diamond

The cushion is another antique cut, similar to the square. It suits a fine woman, who is fashionable and romantic. For a lady with an old soul.

The Emerald Diamond

This cut is an old fashioned style and suits a woman with a vintage flare. It is suited to a woman who is bold, strong and marches to her own drum.

The Heart Diamond

The heart cut is coming back into fashion as an everlasting symbol of love. It best suits a woman who exudes youthfulness, sentimentality, creativity and who is an idealist.

Asscher Diamond
Oval Diamond
Marquise Diamond
Pear Diamond

The Asscher Diamond

Similar to the emerald cut, only square. This style was popular in the roaring 1920’s. It is most suited to the woman who is unique, elegant, feminine and dramatic.

The Oval Diamond

Typically used for brides with smaller hands and fingers in order to elongate and slenderise. This bold cut suits an innovative, unique, sophisticated woman who is also a leader.

The Marquise Diamond

This is an extremely bold cut that is sure to dazzle. This is for the woman who commands attention, who is outgoing and is a risk taker.

The Pear Diamond

The pear is a modified marquise and is an equally bold cut. This is for a unique, loving, fun and adventurous woman. Someone who is an icon of beauty.

Radiant Diamond
Trilliant Diamond

The Radiant Diamond

A radiant diamond is a rare shaped gem and is not often used in engagement rings.  However, when it is, it most suits a bride who likes to be different, who is confident and fun. Radiant diamonds suit women with shorter fingers as it adds length.

The Trilliant Diamond

The trilliant, also referred to as trillion, is a daring and bold shape. This ring is for the bold woman who is a risk taker, a leader and loves to be different. Trilliant diamonds are best for women with long fingers are they can make fingers appear slightly shorter.