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At Terrace Jewellers, we house the largest collection of fine loose diamonds

We source our diamonds from locations all over the world and they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. 
We strongly encourage you to come in store to take a look at our diamonds if you are considering a custom design. We can help you design your perfect engagement ring, necklace or earrings to suit your own personal style. 
When you create a custom design with us, you can hand pick each stone you would like to use in your creation. This will ensure that you are happy with the cut, colour, clarity and quality. By choosing the stones yourself, you are being immersed in the design and manufacture process, you will also be satisfied that you are receiving the quality you are paying for.  
Our team is not only dedicated to making your designer dreams come true, but also aim to help you understand all the facets of diamond buying and jewellery care. They will guide you through the journey, from picking the stone, designing, producing the ring and finally, to the care afterward. Terrace jewellers will go above and beyond for you and your jewellery. 
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